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N Berry Whole Bluberry,Kiwi Slices, Mango pulp,Whole Strawberry,Pineapple & Fruit of Forest are some of the lusious fruits we use to make first rate fillings for delicious pies,Pastries,Chocolate manufacturers,cold cheescakes,baked cheesecakes,mousse,fruit-filled muffins,cookies,fruit breads,breakfast rolls,Danish pastries & croissants. Fruit Fillings can also be used as toppings on ice cream. Hygienically packed in 1 kg pack.

SNO  Variety  Pack  Case Size
 1  Blue Berry  1 KG  8
 2  Strawberry  1 KG  8
 3  Pineapple  1 KG  8
 4  Mango  1 KG  8

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