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Fondant or Sugarpaste

Fondant or Sugarpaste

Features and Benefits
Nfondx has a delightfully smooth, creamy texture for baking and foodservice industry. Nfondx fondant produces a smooth elegant finish to any cake. Our recipe produces a smooth, creamy Product with a luscious mellow taste Preferred for its ease of use and ability to be rolled super thin nfondx is used to cover and decorate wedding and special occasion cake, custom novelty cakes cap, cakes and cookies. Also perfect for modeling character figures, bows, drapes and swags. Contains no animal derived products. Excellent elasticity when rolled out, easy to handle and seemingly unbreakable. Made with Belgium Technology ensuring a fresh, consistent product. NFondx will not over dry and cracks.

Unit Weight: 1 Kg
Case Count: 12 units in one case





Case Size

1. White 1 Kg 12
2. Red 1 Kg 12
3. Yellow 1 Kg 12
4. Pink 1 Kg 12
5. Orange 1 Kg 12
6. Blue 1 Kg 12
7. Green 1 Kg 12
8. Purple 1 Kg 12
9. Brown 1 Kg 12
10. Black 1 Kg 12


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